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Looking for handyman near East Palo Alto, CA? Mountain View Best Handyman & Remodeling offers handyman home improvement painting flooring windows doors roofing concrete carpentry masonry remodeling renovations basement refinishing repairs installations. Free estimates. Call now! Best handyman in East Palo Alto, CA.


Our professional and fully licensed carpenters are equipped and capable of delivering a range of carpentry works and maintenance solutions for projects and facilities of every size, from maintenance activities, minor project works to comprehensive fitouts, remodeling and refurbishments. All our carpentry services adhere to WHS and standards.

Owning a home is an exciting adventure. However, it can also be a lot of work. Problems arise, things need to be replaced, or you have a remodeling vision that you want to bring to life. For assistance with all of these and more, turn to the team at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING.

Since then, over one million homeowners have counted on our team for all their repair, installation, and maintenance services. You’ve got enough going on in your life without having to worry about hiring a painter, finding a plumber, and seeking someone to help you with your bathroom remodel. One call to MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING and your to-do list is confidently taken care of!



We care about the communities we serve because our locations are locally owned and operated. On top of that, our service is rooted in our national brand standards, giving you the best of both worlds. When you call on us, you can be confident knowing a local professional will tackle your home or business needs.


You don’t want just any “handyman” working on your home or business—you want a tradesman with real experience. That is exactly what you get when you call on MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. We employ technicians with an average experience of 10 years. Get workmanship you can depend on when you call us.


MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is proud of our work, and we stand behind it. We guarantee the quality and workmanship our handymen provide. You can count on our Done Right Promise to ensure you get the best service possible when it comes to home improvement or commercial maintenance.

Home Handyman Services


Your Solution for Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

When was the last time you did any work on your attic? Whether you are in need of a serious clean-out or installation services, you can count on MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. We are here to ensure your attic is in proper shape so that your indoor air quality and roof integrity remain stable over the years. Our home improvement professionals can help you add new life to your attic, turn it into a storage haven, or just make your home more energy-efficient-or even all three! As your one-call solution for handyman services, you can rely on our team to tackle all your attic services. One simple call gets you an appointment with our qualified home improvement experts!

Attic Stairs & Attic Door Installation

If you are interested in sprucing up your home attic, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is the company to call. Our home improvement professionals tackle projects both big and small, taking care of repairs, installation, cleaning, and more. We are here to help take your attic from an unusable area to a space for storage, guests, or even a household hangout.

Attic Insulation

Did you know that your attic plays a key role in keeping your home energy efficient? The good news is that MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is here to help. Our skilled home improvement professionals can handle your entire attic “to-do” list, making your space both functional and properly insulated—or just focusing on improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality. When you trust your project to our team, you can be confident in the workmanship you will be provided.

Mold Prevention

General attic and roof upkeep is important for your home. Regular maintenance can help prevent mold, mildew, and rot that can develop after holes or cracks appear in your attic / roof. With proper steps, you can help eliminate the risk of mold and other serious threats to your roof’s structure and attic’s interior. Our local handymen are ready to help you prevent mold damage in your attic!

Structural Integrity of Your Attic / Roof

Your attic and roof should be thought of as one and the same. The structural integrity of your roof protects your home interior, including your attic. If you notice damage inside your attic, such as cracks or holes in the ceiling, it may indicate a greater problem with your roof. Taking care of these issues right away can help prevent more serious and costly structural damage down the road.

Vent Cleaning & Attic Fan Installation

Thinking about scheduling attic or roof vent cleaning for your home? Is it time to install a new fan in your attic? No matter the size or scope of the project, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is here to help. Our home improvement professionals understand how important it is for your attic to be properly maintained and are here to make it as functional as possible for you.


Helping You Revamp Your Basement Area

Is your basement in need of some assembly? Want to remodel your extra space to make the perfect entertainment area or game room? Whatever your plans, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is here to help. We can build, insulate, install, and much more! We have professional carpenters, drywall installers, and general handymen who know how to get your project done right and on time. Our home improvement professionals can handle sump pump replacement to prevent flooding, stair / handrail installation, TV wall mounting, and more. From creating custom storage shelves to setting up the ultimate man cave, we can tackle any size project.

Basement Remodel & Renovation

Need to completely build out your basement space? Turn to MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING! Our professionals can install drywall, add fresh coats of paint, install insulation, add flooring, create custom wood shelving, and much more! While your basement may look like no more than a skeleton at the moment, you can count on our team to put real life into it! You will be enjoying your basement space in no time at all.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Want to add more functionality, storage, and character to your basement? Custom shelving or bookcases may be the perfect solution to make your basement feel more complete! Our team of home improvement experts and carpenters can craft and install custom shelving designed perfectly for your basement area. You can use the new installation to display family photographs, create a reading nook, or simply add a more finished look to your space.

Entertainment Center Assembly

Recently purchased the perfect entertainment center for your basement space but don’t have the patience, tools, or skills to put it together? Don’t worry, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is always ready to help with your assembly needs! Our professionals can tackle even the most complex entertainment centers, taking the cumbersome task off your shoulders so you can focus on enjoying your new basement space! We are experts on assembling all types of furniture and fixtures, so do not hesitate to give us a call.

Sump Pump Replacement

If you’ve recently remodeled or renovated your basement, the last thing you want is to deal with flooding down the line. Even if your basement serves as more of a storage unit, you want to make sure you protect your belongings by keeping your sump pump properly maintained. If it is time to install a new one, you know who to call. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING offers quality sump pump replacement services you can depend on. Keep in mind, our plumbing services are subject to province / local licensing and may not be available at all of our locations.

Handrail & Stairs Installation

Do you have to stumble down steep steps or navigate your way down to your basement without a handrail? Make your space more inviting, safe, and comfortable with new handrail or stair installation! Our team can improve your basement in no time with quality staircase or safety handrail installation services. We can also repair damaged staircases and handrails in addition to installing new ones. Want to add an under-stair storage space? Our team can handle that too! Trust your next project to MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING.

TV Wall Mount

Just purchased the perfect flat screen TV for your basement or new entertainment area? Don’t let the installation process cause you any stress! Whether you just bought a new TV or have a previous TV you would like to have mounted on your wall, our professional handymen can help. We make sure to mount all TVs according to specifications so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment will be safe and secure—without hindering your viewing enjoyment!

Water Heater Insulation

Keeping your home water heater properly insulated can be crucial, especially during the winter months. If your water heater is in your basement, you want to make sure it has proper insulation so that it can continue to provide you with adequate hot water. When you call on our team, we make sure to properly insulate your water heater and prepare your home for the cold. Let us help with your water heater project!


Remodeling to Regular Maintenance

Everyone wants a beautiful, functional bathroom in their home. When you call MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING, we can tackle all your remodeling, renovation, or maintenance tasks at once! We are your one-stop solution for all your bathroom service needs. From repairing tile cracks to restoring grout or installation of a moisture-removing fan to prevent mould and mildew, we do it all. When you call on us, you can expect more than just on time and quality work-you can expect exceptional workmanship that’s guaranteed!

Bathroom Remodel & Renovation

Transform your bathroom with a remodeling or renovation project! From installing new faucets to upgrading your flooring and bathtub, our handymen can do it all. We know that even the smallest items make an impact on your project, which is why we offer detail-oriented services rooted in our commitment customer satisfaction. When you to install new mirrors, bathroom fixtures, and give your bathroom a facelift, be sure to call on us. We can also repair drywall, add new paint, and grout or re-grout your entire bathroom.

Bathroom Fan Installation & Repair

Want to prevent the spread of mould, mildew, or other damage in your bathroom? A simple fan could do the trick! If you are interested in learning how installing a new fan or repairing your current one can improve circulation and protect your bathroom from mould and mildew, give our home improvement professionals a call. We are experienced, trustworthy, and reliable.


Does your tub have bad caulking? Is water dripping behind your walls or under your floors? You could be facing serious wood and wallboard damage! You may even run into leaking in your basement or downstairs ceiling. Don’t wait to get the caulking services you need! Our professional handymen can restore the look of your tub, prevent water damage from occurring, and help protect your bathroom against mold and mildew with our caulking services.

Drywall Repair & Finishing

When you call on us, we can get to work inspecting your drywall and addressing any repairs that need to be made in your bathroom. Damage to your drywall may be caused by leaking water, moisture, or other issues—which our team can also tackle for you! We make sure our drywall repairs and finishing blend seamlessly with your space and give your bathroom a fresh new look!

Fixture Installation & Repair

Are your bathroom fixtures begging to be updated? Whether you want to add brand new light fixtures or upgrade your faucet and showerhead, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is your one-call solution. We can add the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom, giving it that elegant, complete look you’ve always wanted. When your fixtures aren’t working properly, that doesn’t always mean they need to be replaced—our team can also repair damaged fixtures in some cases.

Minor Plumbing Repairs

Broken faucet? Damaged tub or toilet? Leaking sink? Sometimes a simple call to your local handyman is all it takes! While some jobs call for professional plumbers, others can be fixed with the help of MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. Our team of home improvement experts can quickly handle common plumbing maintenance concerns and tackle minor repairs in no time. Some MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING locations may also offer more extensive plumbing services, so be sure to give us a call.

Shower Door Installation & Repair

If your shower door is damaged or in need of an upgrade, we are your one-call solution. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can successfully install a shower door or restore it to its hinges or track in no time at all. Does your shower door allow water to leak onto your floor or around your bathroom? Our home repair professionals can tackle this project as well! No matter the size, our team is ready to help.

Shower Head Servicing

Does your shower head sputter, leak, or lack pressure? MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can fix clogs, leaks, and a variety of other issues with your shower head! Save money on a replacement and installation services by giving our team a call. We can inspect your shower head, identify the problem, and provide fast and simple repair services when possible. If you do need to replace your shower head, we can help you find an option that fits with your bathroom and install in no time.

Toilet Repair & Installation

If your old toilet is bringing down the design of your bathroom, it may be time to replace it. Our home improvement professionals can install a new toilet in your bathroom, ensuring it is functional and compliments your space. For minor toilet issues, our team is also equipped to provide effective repairs, from adding a new wax ring to replacing a flush valve. Make MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING your one-call solution for your entire bathroom to-do list!

Tile Repair & Installation

Tired of the chipped tile in your shower? Want to add a new backsplash design to your bathroom? MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is the right fit for the job! Our home improvement professionals can install new tiles throughout your entire space or repair broken ones to give your bathroom that finished look you’ve always wanted. Our team is comprised of experts in repairing, installing, and restoring porcelain, glass, stone, and ceramic tiles.

Vanity & Bathroom Mirror Installation

Picking and installing a new vanity and mirror for your bathroom can be a serious job. Why not leave the tricky installation to the home improvement professionals at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING? More than just installation, we can tackle the removal and disposal of your current vanity / mirror and prepare the space for your new selections. Give us a call today to learn more about installing a new bathroom vanity and / or mirror.


From Painting to Repairing, We Do It All

Upgrading a bedroom can be an intimidating process. From repairing drywall to adding a new coat of paint to installing new fixtures, there are plenty of places to start. How do you decide? You call MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING and let our home improvement professionals tackle it all! We are your one-call solution for all your bedroom services. We keep our services convenient, dependable, and trustworthy. Whether you want to make your space more functional, more attractive, or just more comfortable, we can deliver the final results you are looking for.

Bunk Bed & Bed Frame Assembly

Need help assembling a new bunk bed or bed frame? Whether you are adding a bunk bed for more space in the kids’ room or just invested in your dream bed frame for your master bedroom, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is here to help. We can install and assemble bunk beds to ensure safety, stability and durability, giving you total peace of mind. No matter the bed frame assembly, we are right for the job.

Closet Door Installation

Upgrading a bedroom? A new closet door can add character, style, and functionality. You pick the closet doors you love, and we’ll handle the rest. Whether you want mirrored doors to make your bedroom feel more spacious or solid wood for an elegant and finished look, our team can handle it all. Our professionals can install track doors, French-style doors, and much more. Trust your installation to us!

Drywall Repair

Has your bedroom’s drywall seen better days? From holes and cracks to nail pops and water damage, our team can repair all types of drywall issues. Our handymen can fix up your drywall, install new drywall, and finish it off with a fresh coat of paint. Your bedroom will look new and improved in no time at all! Find out more about the drywall services we can perform for your bedroom!

Fan & Light Fixture Installation

Whether you want to gain more control over your light fixtures with a dimmer switch or prefer to add more circulation or style with a new ceiling fan, our home improvement experts are right for the job. We can install new light fixtures, add in the perfect fan, and much more. Our electrical services are subject to local licensing requirements, so be sure to call your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to get more information.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Adding a custom bookcase or shelving unit to a bedroom can provide more storage, add character, and give your space a finished look. While our team often helps homeowners install store-bought shelving and bookcases, we can also craft custom designs built specifically for your bedroom. Our professional carpenters meet special dimensions and other specifications to ensure you are completely satisfied!



Your deck or patio is a space for outdoor entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation. Even with regular sweeping or cleaning, you can’t always maintain your deck or patio to the standards you want. Since your outdoor area is constantly exposed to nature, it can wear down much more quickly. Our home improvement professionals can tackle any repairs, maintenance, or construction you need for your outdoor area! MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING also performs power washing, sealing, staining, and much more. With a team of professional carpenters, masons, tile setters, and painters, we are ready to help. We’ll keep your patio or deck just as welcoming as the inside of your home!

Deck & Patio Repair

Notice splintering wood, water damage, or other issues with your deck or patio? MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is on the job. We can fix up your outdoor living space in no time at all. We repair damaged deck boards, install new railings, replace damaged bricks and stones, and much more! If there are structural issues impacting your deck or patio, you can count on us to take care of them.

Deck & Patio Construction

Add to your outdoor space by calling MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING for patio or deck construction! Our professional carpenters have an average of 10 years’ experience and know how to tackle custom designs. We can help you plan the perfect outdoor addition to your home, extending your home’s space and entertainment areas. Find out what our skilled handymen can do for your home exterior!

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

Has your deck started to fade? Want to give your outdoor area a new look? MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can help you stain, paint, or finish your deck for the fresh appearance you deserve. Since your deck is exposed to the elements, you will likely need to re-stain and seal your deck every three to four years. Staining can quickly and easily improve the appearance of your deck and give new life to your outdoor entertainment area. Trust your deck restoration to our handymen today!

Power Washing Services

MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can give your deck or patio a fresh look with our power washing services. In no time at all, our professionals can remove built-up dirt, debris, grime, and other unwanted mess. When you trust the job to our team, you don’t have to worry about renting equipment, reading instructions, or figure out how to operate a pressure washer. We also make sure to properly wash your deck / patio so that no damage is sustained. Our handymen can also power wash fences, playgrounds, garage doors, driveways, and other outdoor spaces.



Don’t let your garage become the one part of the house you avoid! Whether you need to reorganize your belongings and install new storage spaces or want to transform your garage into the perfect home gym or workshop, our team of home improvement professionals at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can get the job done. We can paint, install, build, haul, and repair anything you can dream up around your garage! Let us help you restore a little order and structure in your home garage so that you can utilize the extra space however you want to.

Exhaust & Ventilation Fan Installation

Your garage is likely used to store your cars after recent use. That can make it very hot and filled with dangerous carbon monoxide and pollution. One of the ways you can reduce your garage temperature and help ventilate exhaust is by installing a fan. Exhaust and ventilation fans can also help remove odours, moisture (which can lead to mould), and toxic fumes from fertilizers, paint, and other materials. Our professionals can install a fan in no time, even adding a time control or motion sensor if you want! All electrical services are subject to local licensing requirements. Check with your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to learn more.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Some garage door openers are extremely loud and jerky. Others can be downright unreliable. Whether you need help installing a new garage door opener or need help replacing the garage door safety sensors, we can help. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is the one-call solution for all of your garage door needs.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

You can keep your garage’s temperature moderate and eliminate outside air seeping into your home by weather stripping your garage door! Our local handymen can get to work right away selecting the right weather stripping and installing it right away for effective results. If you use your garage as a workshop or gym, weather stripping can be extremely beneficial!

Garage Floor Coating

Make sure your garage looks its best for years to come by scheduling garage floor coating services with your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. A new coating can help protect your floors and prevent oil stains and other blemishes. In addition, a new garage floor coating can also add antiskid, giving you more grip on rainy or snowy days. We can start by pressure washing your floor then finish it off with a beautiful new coat. Talk to our home improvement experts about our garage floor services today!

Garage Organization & Storage

Free up space in your garage and give it new life with shelving, ceiling storage, countertops, and more! Your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can build custom shelving for your garage that suits your needs and matches your style. If you’ve already gotten a store-bought solution, we can assemble and install it for you! Let us help you maximize your wall space and storage design in your garage.

Handrails & Stairs Installation

The accessibility of your garage-to-house entrance can be improved with handrails and stairs! Installing handrails and stairs can improve your garage’s functionality and capability, while ensuring that your family can enter the garage quickly and safely. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can install a safer entryway from your garage to your home!

Light Fixture Installation & Repair

Many garages serve as homeowners’ workspaces. If that’s the case for you, make sure that you’re working in well-lit conditions! MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can repair or install light fixtures in your garage to ensure that you are not working in the dark. Our workmanship can hide unattractive or cluttered wiring while providing higher-quality lighting, giving your garage a clean and inviting look. Electrical services are subject to licensing requirements at different regional levels, so they may not be available everywhere. Contact your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING today to learn more.



Your home office should be both enjoyable and suitable for business. It needs to allow you to concentrate comfortably on whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Whether that means assembling your desk, installing classic or modern crown moulding or wainscoting, or creating custom shelving, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING has the skills and experience to get the job done with guaranteed workmanship. Our workmanship is the result of an average of 10 year’s carpentry and home repair experience, so you can trust our service. Get started on building your dream office with a single call. Contact your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING today!

Desk Assembly

Whether you’re assembling a new desk or moving an old one, handling your office’s desk space can be difficult and time-consuming. Your time would be better spent elsewhere. Let the trusted handymen at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING help! We provide quality workmanship that means your desk will be assembled and moved after only one call. Even if you only recently bought your desk from Ikea™ or elsewhere, our handymen can assemble it quickly, so you can get on with what you need to accomplish.

Hanging Photos

For your office, hanging heavy frames or large pictures requires special hardware and know-how. For instance, to avoid causing holes in your walls, you may need to find the studs located in your drywall. Your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING has the skills and tools to make sure your pictures and frames are hung securely and straight. From preventing damage to your drywall to making sure your photos are level, our trusted handymen provide high-quality workmanship that you can depend on. We guarantee it.

Shelf Installation

If your office’s walls need extra storage space, shelving could be a great way to lend organizational space to your walls. At MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING, we provide installation of store-bought bookcases and shelving, or the construction of custom shelving for your specific needs. Our high-quality workmanship is guaranteed to satisfy, so you can depend on us for your office shelf installation or assembly needs.


For a stately, timeless, and elegant appearance for your office walls and hallways, consider installing custom wainscoting from MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. Using a combination of paneling and molding, wainscoting is an effective way to alter the feel of your space. Your local repair team will be able to effectively construct and install wainscoting, giving your office a powerful and presidential look.



Time to upgrade your kitchen? Choose our team today! What makes us such a great fit for your project? Your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is always just a phone call away and can tackle your entire to-do list for your kitchen. We handle a broad range of home projects, from leaky faucets to cabinet refacing to custom backsplash installation. As the heart of your household, your kitchen should be a welcoming, enjoyable space. Let our team help you transform your kitchen with minor repairs or major renovations! Our handymen are trustworthy, experienced, and highly qualified.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Add a finishing touch to your kitchen with a brand new backsplash! Our skilled professionals can install all types of backsplashes, ranging from glass and stone tiles to wallpaper and stainless steel sheets. We make sure to provide detail-oriented services so that your backsplash is done properly and truly adds new life to your kitchen. Find out how this small project can revamp your cooking and dining space!

Cabinet Installation & Repair

Tired of your outdated, dingy, or faded cabinets bringing down your kitchen? Sounds like it is time for new cabinet installation, refacing, or repairs! MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can tackle all types of cabinet projects, from repainting or re-staining to re-organizing cabinet formation. If you would like to have new cabinets installed, we’ll make sure it is done properly, creating a seamless look in your kitchen.

Countertop Installation & Repair

Countertops can add a unique, custom feel to a kitchen. If it is time to upgrade your countertops or give new life to your aging ones, be sure to call on our professional handymen. As home improvement experts, we know how to restore all types of countertops, from laminate to quartz. When it comes to installation, we perform accurate placement for a clean, elegant, and finished look in your kitchen. Our skilled carpenters can even build custom wooden countertops or bar tops!

Custom Kitchen Islands

Always dreamed of having a custom kitchen island in your kitchen? MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is the solution! Our skilled craftsmen can work with you to design, build, or even refinish your current kitchen island to bring together your entire kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, we can help you determine if a custom-sized island is possible or if a portable kitchen island may be a better solution.

Faucet Repair & Installation

If your faucet is constantly leaking, lacking in pressure, or just needs to be replaced, our home improvement professionals are ready to help. We can provide fast and effective repairs to whip your sink back to shape or remove your damaged sink and install a brand new one! Furthermore, our handymen make sure they install sinks correctly and prevent leaks, drips, or water damage.

Tile Installation & Repair

Adding new tile to your kitchen floor can give your kitchen more value and character! For small projects, our handymen can repair damaged tiles and restore your kitchen floors to their original beauty. You don’t have to worry about a thing when we are on the job! Our professionals arrive on time with the tools and expertise needed to deliver expert results.

Light Fixture Installation & Repair

The lighting in your kitchen can make a huge difference. When you want to install new light fixtures or repair broken or damaged ones, turn to our skilled handymen! We can install pendants, chandeliers, recessed lighting, and more. Our home improvement professionals can also replace light bulbs in hard-to-reach places and fix aged fixtures quickly and effectively. All electrical services are subject to local licensing requirements. Check with your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to learn more.

Kitchen Remodel & Renovation

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen can be a big project. The good news? You don’t have to tackle it on your own! From repainting walls to installing new fixtures to updating your appliances, our handymen can get to work straightaway on your to-do list. We employ skilled professionals who are experts in carpentry, flooring, painting, drywall repairs, and much more!

Sink Installation & Repair

Has your cracked, leaking, and stained sink seen better days? Take this opportunity to upgrade to that dreamy farmhouse sink you’ve always wanted or the perfect stainless steel undermount. Whatever type of sink you want installed, our team can handle it! If you still love your current sink, our team is here to re-caulk or replace faucet fixtures to make it look brand new.



Living rooms and dining rooms need to be both comfortable enough for everyday enjoyment and classy enough for hosting. Reaching that balance is difficult without an experienced hand. At MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING, our expert craftsmen have an average of 10 years’ experience helping homeowners maintain and upgrade their most visible spaces. Whether you need to hang a family photo or install custom shelving, no job is too big or small for us. We offer a wide range of services, from baby proofing to assembling furniture. Call your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to find out how we can help your living or dining room!

Baby Proofing

The security of your children is always vital—especially in your own home. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can make sure that your home is safe for your baby, so they can crawl and explore without causing you worry. Unsure of whether your home is safe? Crawl on your hands and knees to spot risks you may not notice otherwise. Call MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to baby proof your home, cushioning corners and taking safety measures to protect your child.

Crown Moulding Installation & Repair

Crown moulding can turn any room into a beautifully finished space for hosting and entertaining. The seasoned team members at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can help you give your room an incredible finishing touch from planning to installation and completion. Our expert workmanship can suit any style or situation, so call MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING today! Our experts can: • Match Existing Moulding • Paint Crown Moulding • Install New Crown Moulding

Custom Bookcases & Shelving

When your walls are bare and your storage space is lacking, bookshelves are an elegant and practical solution. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can help you create more shelf space through custom shelves and bookcases, including built-in bookshelves. Whatever your style or vision, we have the dependable and affordable solutions you need. If you bought bookshelves already, MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING can provide fast and effective assembly, so you can start organizing your space.

Furniture Assembly

We know how it goes—the assembly process seems simple, but before you know it, your day is eaten up with what should have been an hour-long project. Let MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING help. Our dependable team of experts can make sure your tables, chairs, shelves, beds, or any other furniture are assembled quickly, safely, and effectively. Let us apply our years of experience and professional standard to your furniture assembly project.

Picture Hanging

When it comes to your most prized memories and keepsakes, it pays to make sure your pictures are hanging level and secure. At MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING, our dependable team of experts can make sure your pictures and mirrors are completely secure and professionally hung. That means you won’t have to be afraid of your heavy mirror crashing to the floor, or of your family photos hanging crooked and poorly. Call your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING today!

Mantel Installation

Mantels are a great way to feature your prized photos or belongings in a room, while providing some character to an otherwise empty wall. MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING’s trusted repairmen have the tools and skills to repair and upgrade your mantel, or install a completely new mantel above your fireplace! Our workmanship is guaranteed, so you can trust our team of experts. Call your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING today to get started on your mantel upgrade or custom installation!

Wainscoting Installation & Repair

Want to give the rooms and hallways in your home a classic, stately appearance? Wainscoting is the solution for you. It gives the lower half of your walls an impression of history and importance, while remaining timeless and stylish. Wainscoting is a combination of baseboard, paneling, and moulding that gives your room an elegant and beautiful look. Your local MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING has the skills you need to provide high-quality and effective wainscoting that suits your style and desires.

Commercial Handyman Services

Retail & Shopping Malls

Notice the paint in your store starting to fade? Time to replace old light fixtures or install new light bulbs? No project is too small for our team at MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING to tackle! We are here to keep your retail or shopping mall space well-maintained and attractive to customers. We can do everything from regularly scheduled maintenance to unexpected repairs and new installations.

Restaurants & Food Service

MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING understands the challenges and obstacles that can come along with running a food-related business. Whether you are an entrepreneurial restaurant owner or a food chain manager, maintaining your space is important. You want customers to feel welcomed and enjoy their meal in comfort—let our team help you create an inviting atmosphere! We can take care of repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and much more.

Healthcare Facilities

Whether you need unexpected repairs or regular maintenance for your healthcare facility, turn to MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING. We understand that the work you perform can mean life or death for your patients. That is why we offer reliable and dependable handyman services, allowing you to focus on what is most important: providing proper care and treatment for people in need.

Small Businesses & Large Corporate Offices

Keeping a small business running efficiently can be challenging. At MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING, we understand the needs of business owners, whether small or large. We can meet the property maintenance needs of start-up companies, large corporate offices, and everything in between. Our team of professional handymen are here to take care of all the maintenance, repairs, and installation that come your way so you can stay focused on running your business

Financial Institutions

We understand that you need to deliver timely, quality work, which is why we make sure our handyman services never hinder your work. We provide fast, efficient, and professional repairs and maintenance so that you can get back to focusing on what truly matters to your financial institution. If you need it done, our team is here to tackle it.

Hotels & Hospitality

MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING is your local, trustworthy source for top quality maintenance and repair services. Our team of professional handymen take care of all the projects around your hotel or hospitality facility. Whether you need weather stripping added or drywall repaired, our contractors are ready to help. We are on a mission to keep your hotel / hospitality business running smoothly and at peak performance.

Municipal & Government

MOUNTAIN VIEW BEST HANDYMAN & REMODELING tackles a diverse range of maintenance, repair, and installation projects for municipal and government buildings. From replacing that outdated fixture to repairing damaged drywall, we are here to do it all. We can also help with smaller projects like assembling new furniture, cubicles, or similar tasks. Let us help you maintain a respectable image and reputation.


Our home improvement professionals are always ready to assist with repairs, maintenance, and installation projects around your manufacturing business. From painting walls to replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs, we are the team to call. No project is too small for our dedicated handymen to tackle. Find out how we can help keep your manufacturing business running smoothly!

Affordable Home Improvement Tips

Tip 1: Plan your project and get bids well in advance

Have you ever tried to find a contractor in March to start your new three-season porch that you want completed by Mother’s Day? It’ll cost more than if you’d found a contractor in January. Most contractors plan out months ahead and don’t want to disrupt their schedules. They’ll shoot you a high bid, because they really don’t want to fit you in … unless you pay a high rate.

Most building trades have busy seasons and slow seasons. Plan ahead, and you’ll get more competitive bids during the slow seasons. Best times to schedule:

  • roofing—cold or rainy months
  • indoor renovations—winter or during rainy months
  • heating—late summer, before fall
  • air conditioning—late winter or early spring
  • chimney cleaning— anytime except fall!
  • project design (architects)—fall and winter

Tip 2: Pay extra for energy-saving features

With energy prices rising, many contractors are offering energy efficiency upgrades (at an additional price). These might include higher-efficiency windows; guaranteed air sealing; extra-thick insulation; and higher-efficiency heating, cooling or other appliances. If they don’t offer this, you can ask what additional measures they (or you) can take to improve your home’s energy performance. Then compare the estimated energy savings with the cost of each upgrade. A payback period of seven to 10 years is good. (Simple payback is the time it takes for the savings to equal the original cost.) Keep in mind that upgrades done during the remodeling process always cost less than upgrades added later.

Tip 3: Hire an architect or designer for at least an initial sketch

The most expensive mistake you can make is to build an addition or remodel a room that you don’t like when it’s finished. Professional design help during the planning stage helps you tailor the space to fit. Sometimes it takes only one or two key details to make that room special. Most architects and designers will walk you through the initial planning for a modest fee. Gather lots of visual material to illustrate your ideas. And be sure you’re on the same page as your spouse! Be prepared to do some legwork after going through these home improvement tips.

Tip 4: Pitch in and do parts of the project yourself

Doing the entire project yourself is by far the best way to save. But if you don’t have the time or skills, your part-time sweat equity can reduce costs. Consider taking on such labor-intensive jobs as demolition, moving materials, digging, cleaning up the job site after work, sanding trim or painting. Coordinate the jobs with the contractor in advance and agree on their value. Beware! Once you commit yourself, make sure to complete the work in a timely way. Tardiness can throw off the construction schedule and cost you more in the long run!

Tip 5: Plan for future upgrades if you can’t afford them now

You don’t have to wait until you can build your dream addition all at once. You can get started now and gradually add as your finances allow. But work from a master plan so you don’t have to go back and tear out or upgrade what you’ve already done.

For example, consider:

  • an electrical service with capacity for the future addition, workshop or hot tub
  • in-the-wall wiring for electronics in every room or a future home theater
  • rough plumbing for a future half bath or hot tub
  • wiring for future lighting fixtures
  • rough framing for future doors or windows
  • French doors that open to a future deck.

Tip 6: Compare the price of remodeling with the cost of buying new

Your house is your most important investment as well as the place you call home. Although you may love your house and neighborhood, check how much your addition would add to the value of your home. Creating a luxury home in a modest neighborhood may not make financial sense. A real estate agent or home appraiser can make a close estimate. If you can’t recoup at least 75 percent of the cost when you sell, at least consider the advantages of buying another house with the space or features you need. It may well be a better investment to move rather than to add on.

Tip 7: Shop for materials yourself

You won’t save much by trying to stockpile lumber, drywall, electrical wiring or other basic building materials. But when it comes to the finish materials—carpeting, appliances, faucets, countertops, light fixtures—your own footwork will pay off. Not only do you get exactly what you want, but you also can find bargains, especially if you start collecting these items well in advance. You can even plan to reuse a stylish old stove, distressed hardwood flooring or other items that add a creative touch to a room. But clear your decisions with your contractor; installation costs might be higher for unusual requests.

Tip 8: Don’t overdo windows and skylights

Big windows and skylights can have a spectacular effect in a new addition, making it feel bright and cheery and offering great views. But more is not always better. Not only are windows and skylights expensive, but even energy-efficient ones will sharply increase your heating and cooling bills. Large skylights can make a room feel like a furnace in the summer! You may have to replace your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace with a larger one. Or perhaps add units to keep the room comfortable.

Tip 9: Avoid moving the plumbing or changing the foundation

You can’t always avoid it, but any alteration to these two systems typically adds thousands to a remodeling project. Neither is simple. New plumbing often requires breaking into walls and floors; resizing lines to meet newer plumbing codes; and replacing old, out-of-date pipes. New foundations usually require excavation, concrete and other heavy, expensive work. The price jumps whenever you add these two items, so ask yourself if you really need to move the kitchen sink during a kitchen remodel, or if you really need the extra space in a bathroom

Tip 10: Order over the internet

Can’t find a nice-looking low-voltage light fixture at a nearby home center? The Internet puts a wide selection of products at your fingertips. Even better, it gives you access to hard-to-find specialty items at competitive prices. Often you can save 40 to 50 percent over the list price.


How Much Does a Handyman Charge Per Hour?

A handyman who works independently usually charges around $60 to $65 an hour on average. Depending on where you live the actual price range can run from $55 to $75 for an independent operator. A handyman who is part of a larger business can charge up to $125 an hour or more.

Handyman Prices

Expect to pay between $165 and $615 per project when hiring a handyman near you to complete repair and installation work. They may calculate the total using an hourly rate or by charging a flat fee for labor and materials. When paying by the hour, materials are extra.

Handyman Flat Rate Pricing

The flat rate fee for handyman services is between $65 and $1,200, depending on the size of the job. Flat rate quotes typically include materials. The price may go up if they find any hidden issues, such as mold behind the drywall.

Handyman Quotes

A handyman should be able to give you a firm quote in writing before starting any project. You just need to provide sufficient details about the job, including what materials you prefer. The quote should clearly spell out the scope of the project, define the final product and estimate how long it might take. They can then use those factors to choose hourly or flat rate pricing and find the total cost.

Projects can grow and change as they progress, resulting in additional costs. Unforeseen complications can also cause the price to increase. In either situation, they should provide another quote that explains the reason for the higher price.

Handyman Cost Factors

When hiring a handyman, there is more to consider than the job itself. Other factors to think about include the size of the job, their experience level, licenses they carry and the distance they need to travel.

Job Size

How big is the job? Whether it’s the physical size of the job or the level of complexity, this is one of the biggest factors that could influence the final cost. Simple repairs, like replacing a toilet valve, are often much cheaper than full installation services, such as putting up a new awning. If you are unsure about the scope of your project, make sure to ask while collecting bids.


An experienced handyman often works quicker than their inexperienced colleagues because they know what’s involved in the project. Their experience allows them to watch for common pitfalls and avoid many mistakes along the way. However, this doesn’t mean that you pay less per hour. In fact, you might see a higher hourly rate.


The licensing requirements for handymen are quite varied and depend primarily on where you live. Some states may not require any licensing while others insist that handymen carry the same licenses, bonds and insurance as a contractor. A licensed expert often charges more than an unlicensed one to cover their increased expenses.


Many handymen advertise that they don’t charge for travel, but if you live in a rural or isolated area, you can expect to cover this expense. Some of these professionals simply include any travel in their hourly rate while others may offer free travel within a certain area, such as the first 10 miles. If they charge for mileage, the standard practice is to charge according to the distance from their place of business. Be sure to ask about this up front.

DIY vs. Hire a Handyman

As an adept DIYer, you likely have a lot of the same skills as your typical handyman. As projects come up, you have to decide if you can handle the job or if you need to hire someone with a bit more experience. The best way to decide if a project is better as a DIY project is to ask yourself what can go wrong and how badly.

Updating your kitchen cabinets with new handles is a project with very few complications. The worst that could happen is that you might not have screwed them in tight enough and they come loose. Replacing an electrical outlet, however, can be very dangerous if you do it wrong. If you don’t know about electrical currents and how they work in your house, call someone who does.


What jobs can a handyman do?

If your to-do list is a mile long, find a handyman to help. They can complete a wide variety of basic repairs and installation services, such as:

  • Complete HVAC maintenance
  • Fix your sprinkler
  • Install an air conditioner in the window
  • Repair a leaky roof
  • Install an awning
  • Secure loose stair railings
  • Replace old light fixtures
  • Repaint a bedroom

What jobs can a handyman not do?

When home repairs require special licenses or permits, you likely need to hire a contractor instead. Here are some examples of jobs that need a permit and are best done by certified professionals:

  • Adding a stairway
  • Installing a new roof
  • Installing a fireplace or wood stove
  • Building a raised deck
  • Replacing certain plumbing fixtures, such as water heaters
  • Putting in new doors or windows
  • Major remodels
  • Building a retaining wall

How can I keep handyman costs down?

When hiring a handyman, remember these tips to help keep your costs down:

  • Clear out furniture and other obstacles to make the job easier and take less time
  • Combine multiple small jobs if you can and ask for a discount for bundling the tasks
  • Shop around for at least three quotes, then try to haggle for a lower rate when possible
  • Give the new guy a chance when the project does not demand tons of experience
  • Ask about discounts for seniors, veterans and disabled individuals

Should I pay a handyman a flat rate or hourly?

A handyman usually has the flexibility to charge for services either way: hourly or flat-rate. You might be able to negotiate with him or her as to which way to charge.

Before you ask, look at how the two differ. Suppose a job takes three hours to complete from start to finish. At $90 per hour, you spend just $270. But, suppose they price the same job at a flat rate of $300. While that increases your hourly charge to $100 an hour, it can save you money overall if the job takes longer than expected. Use your knowledge of the job and its potential pitfalls to weigh each option before deciding which one works best for you.

 How Much Insulation Should I Use in My Attic?

Proper insulation is an important factor when it comes to managing the climate of your home in an efficient manner. Experts recommend, for most regions, that you insulate with about 12 to 15 inches (R-38). R-Value refers to the insulation’s ability to defend against heat flow – the higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation. If you live in more extreme climates, you can insulate with an R-Value that suits your liking.

 How Frequently Should a Roof Be Replaced?

Your roof is the final barrier between you and the sky’s droppings so you’ll want to make sure it is structurally sound and impermeable to the elements. Of course, there are many types of roofs with varying life spans so pick your poison:

  • Rock Roofs: 12-15 years
  • Composition Shingles: 12-20 years
  • Shake/Wood Shingles: 20-25 years
  • Metal Roofs: 50-75 years
  • Clay Roofs: 50-100 years

What Should I look for When Replacing My Furnace?

The household furnace is a staple of comfort but also a cornerstone of your monthly bill. If you’re looking to upgrade in the near future, there are a few things to consider to make the transition safe and efficient.

  • Get a furnace with a smart motor; this will help with overall efficiency.
  • Pay attention to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE); make sure it’s at least 90% or higher.
  • Make sure you’re buying the right size furnace for your home. Newer furnaces are more powerful and more efficient so don’t simply buy the same size as your old furnace; evaluate your needs and ask the experts.
  • Your furnace is only as good as its surroundings. A brand new furnace can’t do its job if the rest of your home is inefficient; therefore, make sure your home is sealed so that any heat produced will stay indoors.

What is the Best Way to Remove Old Wall Paper?

Getting rid of dated wallpaper is a cheap and easy way to refresh your home; however, you may find that breaking that stubborn bond can be an arduous task. If you’re having trouble, try these methods:

  • If your budget isn’t an issue, buy a steam wallpaper stripper that projects a concentrated stream of steam through a specialized nozzle. It’s a machine made for the job and will save you some grunt-work.
  • If you’re on a DIY budget, fill a spray bottle with ½ fabric softener and ½ hot water and saturate the paper. Let it sit for a couple minutes and peel away with a putty knife.

 What is the Proper Placement for the Toilet Paper Holder?

When performing somewhat mundane upgrades in your home, it’s important to act by certain industry standards so that your home maintains a certain universal comfort. A common question in DIY forums is regarding the height of the toilet paper holder and hand towel rings by your sink. The toilet paper holder should be installed 20-24 inches from the ground and the towel ring 24 inches so that the ring hangs at about 18 inches from the counter’s surface.

Where are the biggest air leaks in my home?

By sealing any air leaks in your home, you’ll increase your efficiency and lower your monthly bills as a result. Most of the major air leaks are easy to feel and can be found around windows, doors, electrical outlets, etc. Though these are the obvious and significant culprits, they aren’t the only ones. Check for more obscure leaks in your attic, your basement and around your chimney.

Can My Home Be Too Airtight?

Many energy efficiency experts lecture openly about tightening your homes “Thermal Envelope.” Any area where air can escape is troublesome to your home’s heating/cooling efforts and can unnecessarily inflate your utility bill. While it is difficult to achieve a home that is too airtight, it is still possible. In the end, it is important to maintain a certain amount of fresh air in your home to keep your indoor air quality at a comfortable, livable level.

How Can You Add Color to Concrete?

There are multiple ways to color and treat the concrete around your home that will give it an all new look and presence. Muriatic acid is one option but experts find it to be a bit messy, erosive and detrimental to the concrete’s long-term weatherability. In the end, they suggest painting the surface of your concrete with a stain or paint that’s approved by your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. There are even some products that both stain and stabilize concrete surfaces in about a dozen different shades that will help you color and waterproof all in one step.

How Do You Square Frame Walls?

If you’re adding walls to your home, it’s vital that they are square and plum. You can make all the proper measurements but it’s still important to know the basic insights of structural integrity. An easy way to guarantee that your framing walls are truly square is by laying them flat and measuring diagonally from corner to corner in both positions. When both diagonal measurements are exactly equal, your frame is technically square. Hint: run a piece of lumber the length of the diagonal and tack it in place to avoid any shifting.

When Should I Bring in an Expert and Whom Should I Call?

When you’re looking to make some home improvements, your best bet is to always consult with an expert. For the bigger, more complicated projects, a certified technician will make sure things are done right the first time and typically be able to guarantee their services. If you attempt to repair things on your own, you risk user error, property damage and most importantly, your personal safety.

A “consultant” will come into your home and make an educated evaluation of your systems or energy efficiency through a series of tests. Once they’ve crunched the numbers they can offer expert advice and point you in the right direction; however, they will not be able to perform the work themselves. On the other hand, a contractor will be able to do most of the evaluations that the consultant can but they will then be able to perform the work with an expert’s touch.

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