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Best Kitchen Remodeling Services and Cost in Mountain View , CA
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Are you looking for the Best Kitchen Remodeling Services near Mountain View , CA? Mountain View Best Handyman & Remodeling, We use modern equipment along with tried-and-tested methods that allow us to remodel our clients’ homes and commercial spaces according to the highest standards and finish our tasks in a fast and efficient way. Cost? Best Kitchen Remodeling Services around Mountain View , CA We serve Mountain View , CA and other areas.

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We love creating kitchens for our clients because it changes the way they enjoy their home!  Having the kitchen you always wanted is a big deal!

We want to help you think it through step by step. If the budget doesn’t allow you to create your dream kitchen in one shot, don’t compromise. It is possible to do it in phases.

Mountain View Best Handyman & Remodeling is often consulted by people for updating their kitchen and property companies who use us over and over.

But don’t go it alone! Let us help you walk through the steps that will make your dream a reality! What are your “must-haves”, your “most want’s”, and “could wait for later”?


Layout:  the floor plan, the island, and the flow.

Infrastructure: framing, subfloor, windows, plumbing, and electrical

Cabinets: quality, glides and hinges, and as many cabinets as you can afford

Countertops: consider the impact on plumbing and electrical now

Flooring: what’s going to work for you

New appliances: now or later?

Light fixtures: Easy to replace later but are important design elements in your new room

Faucet: Upgrade-able but make sure the drill-out holes match the configuration of your future faucet

Backsplash: Do you want a scrubbable semigloss or glass mosaic


Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen Remodeling Services near Mountain View CA: On average, a kitchen remodel costs $25,167 or $150 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $13,267 and $37,432 or $75 to $250 per square foot. The total expense varies depending on the size of the space, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room.

A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash. A $30,000+ renovation may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances.

The average cost to remodel a kitchen is $25,100 or $4,000 to $60,000.

The kitchen serves as the heart and hearth of your home. It’s where you prepare your meals and where all your parties gather. Is it any wonder that remodeling this space is so popular and has one of the largest payoffs in terms of boosting a property’s resale value? Of course, it’s also the most complicated and can be the most expensive.

National Average$25,167

Typical Range$13,267 – $37,432

Low End – High End$4,000 – $60,000

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

a kitchen remodel costs $75 to $350 per square foot.

Kitchen remodels cost $75 to $250 per square foot. The first step in determining your estimate is looking at the space. Before you get to the smaller questions, ask yourself the big questions:

What do you want from the space?

How do you want it to look and function?

Is the size and configuration right?

What should you spend? The industry says spend 5% to 15% of the home’s value on this project. If your house is worth $300,000, you could spend $30,000 without negatively affecting its resale price.

Consider some of these alternative options if you want to save money:

Reface or refinish your cabinets instead of replacing them.

Refinishing your appliances costs about $200-$700. If your budget allows, consider replacing appliances to increase visual appeal and ROI.

Replace things in stages rather than do everything at once.

Kitchen Renovation Budget Breakdown

Kitchen Remodeling Services near Mountain View CA: Kitchen renovations cost $12,500 to $34,0000, with a typical spend of around $23,000. The rate divides into materials, installation, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Kitchen Makeover Design Costs

Kitchen Remodeling Services near Mountain View CA: Professional kitchen designers charge $100 to $200 per hour. Though the NKBA suggests four percent of your budget will go to design fees, this shoots up to closer to 10% when you hire a certified professional on-site. If you get advice or an in-home consultation from a materials and design store, it will certainly stay in the range of a $100 to $800 flat fee. However, homeowners report paying $3,500 to $18,500 for certified professionals and independent services. At this rate, you might expect such services as:

3D renderings

Material and color selection

Coordination with contractors and suppliers

Start to finish support and management

Remodel Contractor Labor Rates

Expect to pay $3,500 to $6,000 for installation alone. Professional labor typically factors into the total in a range from 15% to 25%. The NKBA suggests 17% as the median. This percentage will vary depending on the size of the space and the features you install. Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor is the best way to get the most out of your project and budget.

Cost to Renovate a Kitchen by Size

It could cost as little as $5,000 to remodel a small kitchen and as much as $60,000+ to do a large renovation. The size of your space will play a significant role in how expensive your renovation gets. Below, see the typical spend for various sizes and the factors involved.

Size (Square Feet) Average Cost

Small (<70) $5,000-$20,000

Medium (100-150) $15,000-$40,000

Large (200+) $30,000-$60,000+

Small Kitchen Remodel Costs and Condo Renovations

The rate to update a small kitchen is between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on what you install, repair or upgrade. For this room, small is defined as 70 square feet or smaller. You’ll have limited options for a project of this size. It’s important to set your budget and plan for some DIY work to save time and money.

10×10 Kitchen Remodel Costs

Kitchen Remodeling Services near Wichita KS: A 100 square foot kitchen renovation costs $15,000 to $30,000. These dimensions qualify a space as “medium.”

Redo a 12×12 Space

Renovating a 12×12 kitchen runs between $20,000 and $40,000. This is close to the standard size, which is between 150 and 175 square feet.

Cost to Update a Large Kitchen

A large kitchen is defined as 200 feet or more and typically runs between $30,000 and $60,000. Upscale remodels can reach from $75,000 to $100,000 and beyond. With a large area like this, you may include features like:

Double oven

Built-in appliances

Commercial-style range

Coffee or drink station

Recycling station


What types of cabinets do you offer with a kitchen renovation project?

We offer many wood options for cabinets, such as birch, cherry, maple, oak, and hickory, as well as different styles of cabinets raised panel, arched panel, and flat panel. Our kitchen design team can either build custom cabinets or install manufactured cabinets of all kinds, which are supplied by Aristokraft, Timberlake, Decora, Medallion, and Shrock.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Mountain View CA?

Are you planning for kitchen renovation in Mountain View CA? Do you have any idea about how much it cost to renovate a kitchen in Mountain View CA? At Mountain View Best Handyman & Remodeling, the average cost of kitchen renovation is $39, 515. Our major kitchen remodeling project generally covers the labor to replace the cabinets, countertop, electric and plumbing and new kitchen appliances.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

The average cost to remodel a kitchen in Mountain View CA is $39, 515. At Mountain View Best Handyman & Remodeling Design & Remodeling, our Mountain View, CA kitchen renovation project covers the installation of kitchen fixtures, appliances, electrical works, etc. For more details, please call us now on 212.666.2888

How long will a kitchen project take starting from the day the demolition begins?

This depends on the exact scope but it usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete the work at the apartment. Read more

What is your warranty for labor and materials?

We offer 5 years limited warranty on the labor we perform and the materials we supply. Do not hire a contractor who does not warranty his work or the materials he uses.

How long does a kitchen renovation project take to complete?

Most kitchen projects take between one and three weeks to complete. Your home remodel may be longer or shorter depending on the number and scope of the kitchen design ideas we implement. One of our design specialists can estimate how long your specific project should take.

What type of kitchen countertop should I choose?

There are many different options available when it comes to countertops, including granite, quartz, solid surface, laminate, and others. We want you to have the exact kitchen you desire, so our team will help you find the counter top that is right for you.

I want to remodel my kitchen, but I’m not quite sure what I want. Can you help?

Yes. Our experienced contractors can help design a kitchen that is both attractive and practical. The room should meet the specific needs of your family, and we will help you achieve that.


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